Just about four years ago I was signed up for a trip to China with the Chamber of Commerce. Why? It was an affordable way to see a different part of the world, and I had recently been bit by an adventure bug. After an evening out with an amazing group of women, I went camping by myself and journeyed up the road to Big Sur. I decided in that moment to cancel my trip to China and plan a solo excursion up the coast of California and Oregon.

I called my mother to tell her I was going camping by myself, and she said, “no, you’re not.” Well, I didn’t listen and ended up having a life-changing trip and meeting my boyfriend who eventually convinced me to move to Utah. After 3 1/2 years we are still together and happier than ever. Utah has offered so much amazing scenery, but as we rolled over to 2013 I decided it was time to really go after the bigger dreams.

After reading The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly, I started my own dream book filled with big and small things that I want to accomplish in my life. Many know that traveling to Antarctica is at the top of the list, and while it won’t happen this year, I am confident it is not far off. Other dreams include improving my Spanish, learning the guitar, financial goals and lots of worldly travels.

resizerThe truth is, we don’t know how much time we are going to have on this earth. The Wesch family is currently experiencing this firsthand as their daughter, Kambria Wesch-Doherty, was recently diagnosed with cancer. She never expected news like this following the birth of her 3rd child; none of us ever do. She is an amazingly strong person and is fighting with everything she has to live a long full life with her family and beautiful children. If you have met her family and friends, you know that she couldn’t have better people supporting her, and I believe all her dreams will be realized.

My first big trip is going to be booked this week, and I can’t wait to start updating my book. My mom asked me what it is, and upon telling her she said, “no you’re not.” Sorry mom…at least this time I have a companion.

I don’t typically watch the news, but it has been on in my home lately and a few items have caught my attention.  The recent theme seems to be sex and drugs, true American style, from Michael Jackson’s doctor being charged with involuntarily manslaughter to Herman Cain’s harassing past to the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.  Now you know why I don’t watch the news.

In the past I have rarely developed strong feelings for news stories, but social media has intertwined new “facts” (if that is fair to say) with personal emotions, and it is in real-time.  I like being informed and respect others’ opinions, just as I hope my readers are respecting my words here, but I feel that many opinions are being formed without facts.  I suppose this has always been the case; I just couldn’t read people’s minds.  So essentially, Facebook and Twitter are the modern outlets for broadcasting first impressions.

The scandal at Penn State has really consumed my thoughts today.  Not the actual story, because I don’t feel that I have heard many facts, but the reactions of the news audiences.  It prompted me to research statistics and situations of sexually assaulted children, certainly not light or enjoyable reading.  This subject has been close to home for me this year as my psychologist boyfriend started working with convicted sex offenders.  I do not  know how he feels or thinks when going into a group session or meeting with an individual, but I feel that as a psychologist, the purpose is to explore the reason for the behavior and try to correct it.  He also works with juvenile sex offenders, which account for 34% of all perpetrators according to Darkness to Light, an organization aimed at ending child sex abuse.  I bring this up because it is a fact that most juvenile sex offenders who receive proper treatment do not go on to offend as adults.  This tells me that treatment is effective, and for treatment to come into play, the behavior must be recognized as an illness or addiction.  We know very little about the details of the accused and convicted in most cases.  Perhaps they acted out sexually as a juvenile and their caretakers chose to ignore it or wish it away; doesn’t that suggest that maybe they were a victim first?  Some may argue that juveniles in their teens should know better, but 7% of abuse is perpetrated by children under the age of 12.  I do believe that my exposure to sexual abuse from a psychological point of view has led me to seek more facts before making assumptions.

Joe Paterno, who reported the incident to his superiors, has come under fire for not involving the police.  This incident has come out so many years after it occurred that there will certainly be more details to come from the victims and accused.   It turns out that the vast majority of child sexual abuse cases are not reported, and the police are called with just 30% of victims.  This is not an excuse for this incident to not have been reported, but the reason found in a 1999 study by the U.S. Department of Justice for why cases go unreported is that 59% percent of the victims did not want their caretakers to know about the incident, usually because they were engaged in other activities they should not have been, such as drugs and alcohol.  Again, I am not saying that this is relative to the Penn State case, but there can be so many facts involved, including the wishes of the victim.

I love that our country is set up with the ideal that one is innocent until proven guilty, but I fear that our growing use of social media will compromise the ability for one to receive a fair trial.  It takes just minutes for the entire world to hear a story and just a few more for everyone to give their verdict.  For now, I am going to stay away from breaking news and stick to investigative journalism.

I work from home.  I am on the telephone 15 hours a week and online way more.  I am an online student.  When I am not working, I am reading e-texts and writing papers to upload for grading.  I watch TV on my computer – streaming video.  I check the weather, news, email, sports scores and even the moon phase on my iPhone as I either wake-up or unwind.  And let’s not forget about Facebook, another source for news and a shot at a social life during the week.  Exhausting…yes.

A few weeks back, my girlfriends and I loaded up the car to camp for one night just to get away.  We were allowed to be on our phones on the way there, but the rules were set: no phones once we reached our destination.  We did not have cell phone service, so problem solved.  We enjoyed a day full of drinking, laughing and even politics.

Paddling at Flaming Gorge

The next weekend, my boyfriend and I paddled the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  I alerted everyone that I would not be available and turned my phone off shortly before arriving.  Every minute we paddled the clear, cool water and took in the stunning view, I was so grateful to feel millions of miles away from technology.  I waited until we were all the way home to turn my phone back on and just enjoyed the drive.

This past weekend, I backpacked the Grand Canyon with girlfriends and cherished the opportunity to journal and read a book.  Sure, I missed speaking with my boyfriend and celebrating as students passed classes, but my head cleared and refocused on the things that are truly important to me:

Sunrise over the Colorado River

  1. Exercise – I thrive when I exercise and am trying to store those feelings away for the cold, snowy days ahead.  Winter is hard for me, but even just a walk on a sunny, snow-glistening day brings a smile to my face.  Why is that feeling so hard to remember when I’m wrapped in a blanket drinking cocoa?
  2. Nature – The smell of fresh pine trees and crisp air cannot be beat.  Watching the sun set on red canyon walls and come up over the water renews my sense of peace.  I am reminded that I have a brand new day to create my story.
  3. Family – I spend a lot of time thinking about my family when I’m traveling.  For instance, my grandfather, who died before I was born, took a mule into the Grand Canyon many years ago.  I wonder what that experience was like for him.  My grandmother is turning 90 next week, and the family is coming together for that.  What an amazing celebration it is going to be!  My boyfriend is meeting most of my family for the first time, and it means so much for him to be there by my side.
  4. Children –  Any time I am out adventuring, I think about children.  It’s more like a pros and cons conversation in my head trying to figure out how to kayak or backpack with a baby.  I know I was talking about my head clearing, but this topic still has a haze around it and always gets me sidetracked!  I always end up leaning more one way or the other following a trip…I guess time will tell on this one.
  5. Time – I do keep track of the time when I travel in order to have a sense of progress, especially when hiking or paddling.  I let all normal timed activities fade away, but being out in the dark or cold unless planned honestly gives me anxiety.  I have really learned to read the sun and my pacing skills are getting refined.  With my work experience, perhaps I should look into being an outdoor meeting planner (aka guide).
  6. Adventure – I am downright giddy when I head off to explore a new place – especially if I’m camping.  I love having people in my life to share these experiences with, but getting out on my own adds a special element.  It was just a few short years ago that I found myself by traveling alone, and those feelings are very strong whenever I put the car in drive.
At the end of the day, I wonder why I can’t just turn off my phone or computer on a normal day and escape.  When I run, I listen to music instead of enjoying the sounds around me.  Just before I left for the Grand Canyon, Apple announced their new phone.  My phone (now ancient) is slow; I try to tell myself the faster phone will save me time, but I know that’s just an excuse to upgrade.  From here on out, I will try to take at least an hour each day to disconnect from technology and reflect on the simple things in life that bring me so much joy.  And if I do end up having children, I’m still keeping that hour for myself, my kayak ready for launch and my backpack full.

Grandma and Grandpa's Wedding Photo

This summer I was chosen to be part of Visit Salt Lake’s SLC Summer Crew. Each week we were given challenges to go out and explore different aspects of Salt Lake and the surrounding area – tough job!  This week is the voting for the grand prize, either a pair of skis or an iPad.  Living in Utah I am all set on skis, but I do not have an iPad yet.  My lack of technology is funny because my grandma is already working on iPad #2!  Just shy of 90 years old, she sends us videos, comments on Facebook and plays Words with Friends.  In our conversation the other day, I had to laugh as she was talking about her DVR – I barely have cable.  My family keeps prompting me to have FaceTime with grams, but my 3G iPhone just isn’t cutting it!

Help me win my iPad and stay in touch with Grams!
Vote Now for Salt Lake City = Love!

Voting ends on Sunday, September 4th; be sure to vote every day until then!  For those who live in SLC, I will have a party to celebrate if I win!  If I don’t win, I still had a great experience in the SLC Summer Crew and will keep picking up the rotary phone to call grams!

It isn’t everyday that a beer lover picks up and moves to Utah, especially from California with its fabulous selection of hand-crafted hoppy goodness. But it happened, and here’s how.

In 2009, I decided to take a camping trip from my home in San Luis Obispo, CA up the northern California coast into Oregon – 10 days of camping, exploring and drinking beer. I had them all mapped out: Lost Coast, Rogue, Deschutes, Bend, Eel River, Seabright, and I found little bars with good beer where breweries were absent. I had many people ask me if I was nervous about camping by myself; I really wasn’t. It was a few days into the trip that I realized my biggest fear was my alcohol consumption; I was on the go quite a bit, and a DUI would really put a damper on the adventure!

Point Arena Lighthouse

My 2nd day in, I skirted along the Point Reyes National Seashore taking in its beauty, exploring little bays and just missing the opportunity to see Point Arena Lighthouse. My first brewery stop was North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg – I was ready! I sat down at the bar, started on my first pint and ordered up some oysters. There was a guy a few seats down from me chatting with the bartender about where to camp and reviewing maps spread all over the bar. Naturally, since he was out camping I decided to strike up a conversation about his journey. He had been on the road much longer than I and was also enjoying the scenery, biking trails, and of course, the beer. His name was Shawn, with an “H”. It turns out he had camped near Point Reyes the night before, and I was right behind him up the coast that day including a near miss at the lighthouse. We got to know each other for a while – turns out he had just moved to Salt Lake City for a psychology internship, and this was his final hurrah before he started. Knowing that he had nowhere to camp, I was just about to invite him to share my campsite when he so politely asked me first – a bold move! The next question was “what about dinner?” He intended to pick up salmon for a great sauce that he wanted to make; I don’t think either of us was surprised when I replied, “I have salmon.” Thus, when I shared this story with my coworkers, he became known as “salmon guy”.

Shawn's first picture of me in Fort Bragg

We had a great night enjoying salmon and wine, and I came back to camp after horseback riding in the morning to be treated with fresh coffee and blueberry pancakes. We went our separate ways that morning, and I had a feeling we would meet again. We kept in touch as I meandered the coast through Oregon and landed in Bend. As I enjoyed a beer at Deschutes with a new friend, Carol, Shawn called, and we decided to meet up in Red Bluff, CA the next evening. He scouted out a few great places to eat, but in the end they were all closed by the time we rallied. We ended up at Applebee’s of all places, but the sign outside said it all…”coldest beer in town”…that would be Red Bluff! The next morning we said goodbye and went our separate ways again.

Both being newly single, we decided it was important to continue exploring life as individuals and see how our relationship evolved. We traveled back and forth between UT to CA for almost a year, and last summer we decided that living together would be grander than what we had been experiencing apart. Knowing that I was ready for a change of scenery, I left California eastbound for UT aware that I was leaving behind wonderful friends, the ocean, fabulous wine and amazing beer. This past weekend, we celebrated Fort Bragg day by camping with friends that I met hiking earlier in the year. Two of our friends who married this summer met at a brewery as well…I’m not surprised that we hit it off! Another friend brought some home-brew to the party, and his pale ale rivaled some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Shawn and I on Angel's Landing in Zion National Park

From time to time I meet people trying to get back into the dating scene. I always suggest that they continue doing the things they love, and they will naturally meet great people who share their interests like I did with my friends and Shawn. I even keep in touch with Carol, my brewery friend from Bend who gets out to Utah on occasion to ski…I have a feeling we will meet up again someday. This Saturday marks one year since I arrived in Salt Lake City, and almost as scripted, we will be spending the day at the Utah Beer Festival. In the end, it turns out that beer is just a small part of my life. While it may have brought me to Utah, what I have created here with Shawn, our friends and the great outdoors is what will keep me here. Cheers!

I remember sitting in the cabin over the winter wishing and wishing for the summer to get here!  Before I moved to Salt Lake City, I had a taste of what summer would be like and couldn’t wait to experience it, especially after the long, record-breaking winter.  As the summer began, deal sites such as KSL Deals and Mega Daily Deals starting selling rafting trips, ziplining and other great summer activities; my adventure arsenal was fully equipped!

After riding bikes and getting in a little kayaking, the first stop for new adventure was Utah Olympic Park in Park City.  We had passes to enjoy the XTREME Zipline, ULTRA Zipline and “The Quicksilver” Alpine Slide.

Anxiously awaiting my turn!

I was a bit anxious about the ziplining since I had never done it – you can tell by my smile.  But once the gates flew open, it was just plain fun!  The ULTRA was much smaller than the XTREME, and it looked daunting on our way up the lift.  It is one of the steepest in the world and flies you at 50 mph (it’s true, we tracked it)!  We jumped on the alpine slide first to save the best for last. The XTREME Zipline was everything I thought it would be – we captured this one on video!  I now know that I will never turn down a good zipline ride!

That weekend, we went to a wedding at Alta Lodge in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It was the most beautiful setting, and I felt so fortunate to be included in such a special celebration.  I met the bride and another friend hiking with a Meetup.com group earlier in the year, and the circle has grown into a fun, adventurous group.  Taking advantage of being back in Little Cottonwood Canyon (home of our former winter cabin), we hit up Snowbird the day after the wedding to go up the tram.  I have been on chair lifts and gondolas, but the tram was a totally different experience.

Top of Snowbird Tram

Traveling 1.6 miles and 2,900 vertical feet in 10 minutes is cool, but the fact that it can hold 120 people is totally wild!  The destination is Hidden Peak at just over 11,000 feet, and the view is stunning.  We were racing a storm that day and only walked around for a few minutes at the top, but there are hiking trails down if one is so inclined.

Fast forward one weekend; it is now Park City Kimball Arts Festival and Shawn’s uncle came to town to visit.  We had a great Friday night playing downtown checking out the art, shops and bars.  The town was coming alive, and we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon Silver, an upscale restaurant and lounge on main street.  Having already taken advantage of the $3 cheeseburger special (all day, every day) at O’ Shucks Bar & Grill, we went up to the lounge with silver cube ottomans and blue velvet furnishings.  The DJ, Elvis Freshley, played all the best hits from the 80s which was totally unexpected with his modern setup; I felt like I had died and gone to 80s music heaven.

Floating the Provo River

Saturday morning…voucher redemption #2 – rafting the Provo river!  I had to get the girls together for this one and knew I would want a repeat before it even started.  Standing up on the back of the school bus buzzing through Provo Canyon felt a little like the zipline.  We got the boat all loaded up with PBRs and bloody marys and were dodging tree branches before too long!  Captain Becca rocked it, and there was no shortage of laughter and screaming (yes, screaming on a river float).  One of the pictures I posted to the Visit Salt Lake Facebook page even received the response “You make me want to move to Salt Lake Valley”…right?  We finished the weekend off with a nice ride on mid-mountain trail and dinner in what became a very quiet, serene downtown Park City.

The abundance of outdoor adventure here definitely spruces up every day life, but next weekend, Strawberry Reservoir will be full of crazy fun as the gang heads out for a camping weekend (kayaks and bikes in tow).  Cheers to summer for as long as possible!

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.  I am pretty sure it has to do with my hometown of La Porte, IN having a great spectacle every year, but I found myself in the middle of a traditional celebration this year in Utah with a few variations.

T-Rex at Utah's Hogle Zoo

First up on Friday, Utah’s Hogle Zoo…but not before taking time to donate blood at ARUP.  My boyfriend, Shawn, joined me for the first time on my 8 week tradition, and after feeling like he was visited by a vampire, I’m not sure he will be joining me again.  I do commend him for giving it a shot but understand that it’s not for everyone.  Luckily, I am not as in tune with my own body to realize I’m not firing on all cylinders following a donation…I just get excited for the treats that follow and the big dinner I take in later – more to follow on that!

The zoo was a zoo, literally!  Kids out of school, Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend…you get the point.  The Hogle Zoo has a dinosaur display, Zoorassic Park, that was really cool.  The roaring

Amazing Colors!

T-Rex was effective in frightening some of the small ones, and the spitting raptor made for great water fun on a hot afternoon!  I particularly enjoyed seeing the tigers, giraffes, gorilla and elephants, and the peacock put on an amazing display of colors right on cue!  A few hours dodging strollers and trying to stay hydrated led us to Ruth’s Diner up Emigration Canyon – a Salt Lake City classic!

Ruth's Diner - yum!

Remember the blood donation, this is where the big dinner comes into play!  Two juicy burgers with onion rings and fries, please!  And don’t forget the cold beers to enjoy on the lush patio that started filling up by 5pm.  At some point, Shawn resorted to playing with his food…a side effect of being a few pints low and a pint in, perhaps. 🙂  After a bit of a rest, we rode bikes to Downstairs to check out the music of Bryon Friedman, a local favorite, and hang out with friends.  This was our first real night downtown since moving to Park City, and the 3:30am bedtime signified that it was a success!

Mid-Mountain Trail

The car got parked Friday evening, and the rest of the weekend was a true hybrid, bike and foot, starting on Saturday with a ride from Deer Valley to Park City Mountain Resort on the Mid-Mountain Trail.  We passed a friendly moose grazing on the knee-high foliage and pondered how quickly he will grow with the abundant greens this year. Taking the bus to Silver Lake eliminates some intense climbing, but it was still a great workout traversing Park City at 8,000 feet.  So great in fact that we both went back on Sunday for take 2 with some slight variations.

The Canyons Resort

With so many trails nearby, it is hard to ride the same route twice!  I felt all that intense riding as we pedaled to The Canyons on Sunday night for the fireworks show with a few thousand friends. Watching the traffic in and out helped me forget about my tired legs and be grateful that I wasn’t in the car queue!

Main Street Parade

Monday morning – the 4th of July is finally here!  It was a cloudy, humid morning for Park City with a few sprinkles here and there, but the rain held off most of the day.  We were late to the party and walking down main street as the jets flew overhead.  Retreating to memories of my hometown, I was overcome with emotion and my eyes filled with tears.  This was a common recurrence for most of the parade keeping the sunglasses on no matter what!  There were marching bands, horses, service men and women, and even trampoline acrobats on skis…everything necessary for an independence day parade.  The afternoon was filled with friends, beer pong, brats, pizza and wings – truly American.

Heart-shaped Fireworks

The grand finale fireworks were super grandiose viewed a football field length away from the launching pad!  With a blanket spread on the concrete parking lot and the rain finally coming down, we snuggled up to enjoy the lights, booms and sensitive car alarms surrounding us.  The show was fabulous…we walked home, hit the hot tub and called it a wonderful holiday weekend – top 5 for sure!

The past week has been a huge transition as we left Little Cottonwood Canyon and landed in the resort mountain community of Park City for the summer.  I love to move, but this experience wasn’t quite as enjoyable due to a really fun closing party Saturday night at the cabin.  The party was great, of course, but the recovery and clean-up added an extra layer to what we needed to accomplish.  The canyon was perfect in the winter for Shawn and would have been perfect for me in the summer, but my job is home-based; I was the lone mentor in the office complicating the cubicle allocation.  I can now climb out of bed a few minutes before work and get things done around the house on my breaks – which explains why we are just about fully moved in!

Park City is truly a suburb of SLC and offers fantastic hiking and mountain biking.  I am going to miss the Wasatch peaks surrounding me, but I am now on the flip-side with equally stunning views.  Yesterday, I got out (on a

Flowers Blooming in the Park City Mountain Air!

short work break) to check out the Lost Prospector trail on the east side of the city.  The city park skirts the creek on the way to the trail-head, and it was a fantastic run.  The fact that it is so accessible makes me smile and gets me excited to up the ante on my mountain biking skills.  My bike sits next to me in the office begging for the white stuff to melt in order to take full advantage of the awesomeness surrounding the city.

I feel a little like I’m in the mountain version of  San Luis Obispo, CA.  I can walk everywhere, people are friendly, the farmer’s market is great…I can’t imagine I will run out of activities to keep me busy this summer.  Cheers!

The snow is finally melting, and it is apparent from the raging creeks surrounding the great city of Salt Lake.  This is the first warm weekend I will be in town, and I am amped!  The sentiment is certainly shared as my boyfriend, Shawn, and his buddies took off for a weekend of camping and mountain biking in Fruita, CO.  That sounded great to me, but it was a boys trip and in my wiser years, I have decided to become less of a tomboy and more of a strong, independent woman.  Guy getaways are important and healthy as long as they don’t resemble a scene from The Hangover.  So long boys…I am riding this one solo!

The Path to Grandeur Peak

First stop, Mill Creek Canyon to tackle Grandeur Peak.  Wow, the creek looked more like a waterfall in some parts, and the flowers sprouting to life were beautiful.  As I strolled through Church Fork picnic area, all I could think about was a warm summer evening sharing food and drinks next to the fire – boy, I hope I have time to fit that in! For a lovely Friday afternoon, there were few people on the trail which allowed me much time to enjoy my own mind.  As I approached the false summit, the ground was covered in slushy dirt-infused snow.  Glancing at the “true” summit above, I decided that I was perfectly happy with my accomplishment and dry feet.  I ended the day with my favorite summer cocktail, a Skip and Go Naked, a chick flick and searching for Les Miserables tickets after catching the end of the 25th anniversary concert on PBS – it’s in town and would be a great addition to this weekend!

Battle Creek Falls

Playing on my own, I am a weekend warrior with a 7am alarm and to-do list a mile long.  Saturday – the plan is a trifecta of waterfalls: Battle Creek, Bridal Veil and Stewart followed by a trip to Thanksgiving Point!  The snow building up as I approached the Stewart Falls trail-head did not look good and was confirmed by the ranger noting that most attempts haven’t been successful.  There will be enough water to last the summer – Plan B.  I ventured to Big Springs Hollow which was quiet and serene.  I was able to get in Bridal Veil Falls next to the raging Provo River and Battle Creek Falls, both beautiful falls!

The Saturday highlight was Thanksgiving Point south of SLC!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was all so wonderful!  I started by checking the farm to see what time the cow was being milked.  I had a few hours, so I hit up the gardens first.  I wish I would have brought a picnic, a book and a few extra hours with me.  From the waterfalls to the secret garden and everything in between, I was at peace taking in the fragrances and colors.

Farm Country - time to milk the cow!

On the way to the source (the cow), I got side-tracked by cookie-dough ice cream.  Oh yum…it was delicious on a hot day!  The farm was fun and had turkeys, goats, cows, pigs and more…even wagon and pony rides!  5pm – I am pretty sure that I was the only person taller than the cow who joined in the milking!

Last stop at Thanksgiving Point was the Museum of Ancient Life – totally cool!  Shawn was trying to find trilobite fossils last summer when we were our backpacking; well, they have them, and they are big!  With the world’s largest display of mounted dinosaurs, I felt like I had gone back in time.  Dinosaurs are smaller than I always pictured; they aren’t that scary…at least not dead.

One more day to my solo weekend…what’s in store?  I toyed with finding a ticket to Les Miserables, mountain biking in Draper and even studying.  But in preparation for the move to Park City next weekend, I settled with cleaning and packing up from a record-breaking winter in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The beauty of the day caught up with me, and I took the bike for a spin before giving in to an evening of laundry and a good book before the boys’ return.

It was a spectacular weekend exploring Salt Lake City and all it has to offer; it is going to get even better as the temperature rises!  As much as I enjoy time to myself, I look forward to Shawn’s return and sharing our weekend adventures!

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the canyon

Not a soul was stirring, not even an eager hitchhiking companion

The 4×4 vehicles were lining up a few miles below

The skiers and snowboarding anxious to get some fresh snow


I was nestled with the mobile snow report all snug in my bed

With sounds of dynamite blasting all around my head!

Up on the roof I heard such a clatter

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter


Away to the window I flew like a flash

As the snow and ice slid to the ground with such a crash!

I shoveled the walk as the snow keep falling fast

Wishing I could skip work and flash my canyon resident pass


Alas, the resort is closed for the morning

A painful announcement to those who have been waiting

5 more days, but too bad vacation can’t start now

Merry Christmas to all, and to all some fresh pow!